Be a Vol5nteer | Γίνε εθελοντής στο 5ο Taratsa IFF

5th Taratsa IFF

Besides the core organizing team and the participants who contribute with their films, volunteers are an essential pillar of the venue. Taratsa’s main volunteer team consists of approx. 70 people each year -most of them with a level of experience on the field and a passion for cinema- who support us with their way during both the festival’s preparation and main event period. The total number of applications each year surpass our expectations and the necessary number of required staff -e.g. last year they were 8 times more than the total number of selected applicants. Besides being a mere statistic, this will for participation is a clear indicator for us of the positive impact and impression of Taratsa to the city’s younger audience.

*Applications for this year's festival event have already closed. We 're looking forward to seeing you upstairs!

5th Taratsa IFF
August 22-26

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