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Taratsa is an independent international short film festival based in Thessaloniki, Greece, organized by the cultural non-profit civil partnership 360 Degrees. It began in August 2014, as part of “Thessaloniki European Youth Capital”. Its purpose is to create a framework for the promotion of independent short films from Greece and all over the world -by bringing the audience closer to the production and establishing a place and time for the substantial interaction and artistic expression between the creators- as well as to present films that are considered benchmarks in the history of cinema.

22-26 August/18


Taratsa IFF is a fresh, dynamic, and innovative event with a unique pulse. Its levels of quality and professionalism have established it as a cultural celebration for both cinema professionals and enthusiasts, a multicultural gathering of people, images, and ideas, where creativity and perspective take center stage. Its international appeal is a key factor for both the city’s and the wider area’s cultural growth, extraversion and promotion, as well as a starting point for new creators and creative trends.


• Reclaiming of the Greek potential for cinematography and its promotion both within and outside the country's borders.
• The creation of a wide European platform where creators can meet, interact and exchange ideas on cinema culture.
• The further development of this effort where Thessaloniki, a city bursting with artistic creativity, will be its point of reference.
• Implementation of cinema-related side projects throughout the year.
• Networking with other festivals from around the world, as part of an extrovert dialog with cinema at its center point.

Taratsa IFF Team

General Director

George Manos has been a freelance photographer, cinematographer and producer since 2009, when he founded Creative Studios. Based in Thessaloniki Greece his work spans a wide variety of fields such as music video production, documentary video production, direction of photography for documentaries broadcasted by Cosmote History, wedding photography and cinematography, product and food photography etc. Since 2017 he participates in workshops as a tutor for media production in collaboration with Artecitya Thessaloniki by Goethe Institut Thessaloniki, the U.S. Consulate General of Thessaloniki, Municipality of Thessaloniki etc.

Art Director

Despina Kavyri (Producer/Director) has been a filmmaker for the past 7 years, directing and producing short films, documentaries, commercials, Election Campaign spots, video clips and short documentaries. She graduated from the School of Film Studies of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2010. After her graduation she got selected and participated cinema seminars all over Europe such as Four Corners Script Development Workshops and Sarajevo Talent Campus. She produced and directed her own short film which has been awarded in some of the most important film festivals in Europe. Additionally, she worked as a cinematographic tutor and seminar supervisor for children and adults in collaboration with public and private institutions (such as the U.S. Consulate General of Thessaloniki, Municipality of Thessaloniki, Stavros Niarchos Foundation). In 2014 she took a short break from filmmaking to earn her master's degree in Cultural Management with the Hellenic Open University. During the last years she have gained much experience working as a Cultural Producer. Specifically, she worked as a Public Relations & Communications Manager (Teloglion Foundation of Art in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), she was employed to be part of the Public Relations & Events Management team (Thessaloniki International Film Festival). She has also collaborated with theater groups and worked as an Executive Producer in theatrical performances for adults and children (Papalangki Theater Company). In 2015 she joined forces with Creative Studios where she is working as a producer and director for large scale live-streaming projects as well as a line producer in feature TV documentaries broadcasted by Cosmote TV.

Communication Manager

I was born in Athens, Greece in 1973. After my English Literature studies, I moved to Thessaloniki -Greece’s second largest city- where I work since 2003 as a senior copywriter, concept developer and agency planner in Fotone Advertising Agency. Besides my involvement with Taratsa Intl Film Festival, I am a member of the cultural company dot2dot (dot2dot.gr), an external freelancer partner (columnist & curator) of Mediaview Publishing (biscotto.gr), a producer at OFF Radio (offradio.gr) and the editor-in-chief for two TV shows: ERT3’s (ert.gr) Agria Ellada (Wild Greece) and TV100’s (fm100.gr) Neos – Places of worship in Thessaloniki.

Financial Manager

Michail Theodoridis was born in Thessaloniki, studied Applied Informatics in University of Macedonia and followed post-graduate studies abroad in the field of consulting. Although he has been working in the IT field in his hometown, his love for cinema and his desire to contribute in the cultural life of his city lead him to be a part of the TIFF which he has served from various positions during the last 3 years.

Volunteers Coordinator

Project Manager

Christos Chatziioannidis graduated from the department of History and Archaeology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He is trained to Cultural Heritage Management in Modern Times from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Trained through various workshops in film production, video streaming and broadcasting, he is currently participating in MediaLAB team at Labattoir. He has worked as an invigilator in Benaki Museum, as an audiovisual live-editor in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki and HELEXPO, as a projection technician in Thessaloniki International Film Festival and other festivals in Thessaloniki and as a production assistant in ERT3 television channel. Since 2016, as a member of a group of researchers he is conducting history research, which has been presented in international conferences seminars and workshops.

Project Manager

Anastasia holds a B.Ed. on Early Childhood Education (AUTH) and an M.Sc. Design of Interactive and Industrial Products and Systems (Aegean University). She has worked as a junior graphic designer (printing) and in audiovisual field as live-editor (stream), post-editor, and as technician in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki (Artecitya by Goethe) and HELEXPO (Artecitya by Helexpo). Has been an active member of Media Lab Team, a Lab of Labattoir Project, since March 2017. Has volunteered as editor and audiovisual technical assistant for productions of Life-Events.gr, a Social Cooperative Enterprise (SCE). She has also collaborated with the audiovisual department of Thessaloniki International Film Festival as a projection technician.

Founder and inspirator

Athanasios Alèxo (inciter mind) was born in Thessaloniki. After a short experience in the field of photography in Thessaloniki he moved in Milan and in 2009 he enrolled in the Accademy of fine Arts of Brera, where studied painting (bachelor degree) and sculpture (master degree). In the first years of his stay in Italy he has already collaborated as photographer and video maker with important music record labels, publishers and design companies. At the same time he dealt with video art and along the way he made music documentaries where he has already directed a lot in the field of jazz. In 2014, he inspired and created the taratsa iff in which for the first 2 years was also the art director. Furthermore, in his artistic research includes the visual/sound installations, sculpture, collage, experimentations and performance. His art research work has been exhibited in museums, galleries, festivals and cultural organizations, mainly in Europe.

/ www.athanasiosalexo.com
Call Center Coordinator

I was born and live in the city of Thessaloniki. I am working on my final project in the Architecture department of the Aristotle University and one of my best assets and my flaws is my passion to get involved in many different hobbies, especially around arts and culture. I am a musician myself and I love cinema. This passion and the curiosity for new experiences was what made me to participate in numerous festivals and events around the city of Thessaloniki in the past 6 years. Such was the case with Taratsa IFF, almost from the beginning of the event. Faithful to my appointment, August and as a consequence, summer, always ends up for me on one of the city's most beautiful taratses with good friends and lots of movies.

Public Relations

Thei was born in Thessaloniki in March 1998. Since the early years of her life she had showed an intense interest in foreign languages, art and culture. Through participation in several workshops, she became familiar with this field in a very young age. Following from her studies in the specifically designed school for Art Classes of Thessaloniki, she started her undergraduate studies at the Architecture department of the Aristotle University. Her passion for art and enthusiasm to gain new experiences led her to join and work in several events organised in Thessaloniki such as the International Film Festival, the Documentary Festival and the Taratsa Film Festival Thessaloniki with overall aim to follow her dreams, engage herself with her hobbies and become an expert in the field that she enjoys the most.

5th Taratsa IFF
August 22-26

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