Tickets - 5th Taratsa IFF, Thessaloniki 2018

5th Taratsa IFF

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The Taratsa IFF screenings will be priced at 5€. Tickets can only be purchased during the screening day and are only available from the screening venue. All screening venues open at 20:30 (8:30PM). Phone bookings are also available, from 21/08 to 27/08, every day from 10:00 to 19:00 (7:00PM). The booking is in effect up until 5 minutes before screening time. With the ticket you may enjoy a refreshing cider Milokleftis at the bar of the screening for free. Tickets cannot be refunded. Phone bookings contact numbers: 6971969022 or 6977449028.

Students, unemployed and elderly over 65 years of age are entitled to a reduced admission fee (3€ with a cider Milokleftis). Valid identity document needed at the entrance The quantity of reduced tickets is limited.

*Entrance for the Parallel Screenings is free.

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5th Taratsa Jury

Ticket Pricing

General viewing admission for the International Competition Section is 5€.
College students, unemployed persons and people over 65 are entitled to a reduced 3€ ticket, by displaying the relative credentials (student pass, unemployment card, ID).
Entrance for all people with special needs is free, by presenting a relative document. People with mobility issues can only be accommodated in rooftop T3.
Concurrent screenings have free admission.
There are no available ticket packages for the entirety of the Festival.
No other group is entitled to ticket discount.

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Telephone bookings

Can be made for all viewings of the International Competition Section from 10:00 to 19:00 by calling 6971969022 and 6977449028.
No bookings can be made for the Parallel Screenings.
Bookings are in effect until 5 minutes before screening starts.
Maximum seat number per booking is 4(four).
Each booking may only concern a particular screening in a particular rooftop.

5th Taratsa IFF
August 22-26

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