5th Taratsa International Film Festival - Thessaloniki 2018

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5th Taratsa IFF

22 to 26 August 2018

As always, Taratsa IFF will take place at late August, for five days, at selected terraces of Thessaloniki’s center. This year, Taratsa will bring cinema up at August 22 - 26 2018.

5th Taratsa Jury

As the number of submitted films increases, the need for a substantial and valid evaluation process is a mandatory. This is why we are setting up every year a special team which gives all the necessary attention to each submission, in order to form a high-level and balanced program for the Wide Lens section of the festival. This ensures the overall quality of the venue, and is a great tool for the Judging Committee’s task. Speaking of which, we ensure that every year the judges’ panel includes professionals from a wide spectrum of cinematic or cinema-related sectors, with high aesthetic criteria, objective point of view, and the ability to reflect the festival’s vision into the awarded films.

Panagiotis Iosifelis
Screenplay writer/President School of Film AUTH

Jacqueline Lentzou
Film Director

Lampis Charalampidis
Film Editor

Joseph Proimakis
Journalist / Film Critic (GFCA)
Joseph Proimakis started writing about film in the late ‘90s, when the Greek internet was a sea of wonders like Cine.gr. He founded Movies for the Masses and got involved with shady crews like those behind FAQ, LiFO, Popaganda.gr, Cineuropa.org and Best Radio 92.6. He now writes about travel and nightlife for Athinorama and continues to watch a lot more movies than what’s good for him. Member of FIPRESCI, the Online Film Critics Society and the Hellenic Film Academy and General Secretary of the Greek Film Critics Association.

Errikos Litsis

George Krassakopoulos
Programmer at Thessaloniki IFF / Co-Founder flix.gr

Sofia Stavrianidou
Film PR and Press Professional
She was born in Alexandroupoli. She studied Classics and took classes of Communications in Athens and Cologne. She’s been a Film Professional for about 20 years, specialised in Publicity and Media. She worked as a Communications Manager at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (Greece), as a Press Office Manager at Odeon Film Distribution, as well as a Film Sales and Acquisitions Executive at m-appeal world sales (Berlin). She is based in Berlin and works as a General Coordinator at Hellas Filmbox Berlin and as an independent publicist.

Memi Koupa
Director / Writer
Elli Tringou

Christina Moumouri
Born in Athens, where she studied cinema at Stavrakos Film School, Christina Moumouri has been in the film industry since 1998. Her portfolio includes feature films, commercials, music videos and documentaries, placed in Europe, Asia and Africa to Latin America. Her work has been featured at film festivals and museums around the world. She is also working in the theater as a lighting designer.

Ioannis Kolaksizis
Teacher School of Film AUTH / Visual Artist / Cinematographer

5th Taratsa IFF Awards

Best Film - Wide Lens Section
Daughter, Mara Tamkovich, PL

Best Direction - Wide Lens Section (Shared)
It's Really Awesome, Katarzyna Warzecha, PL
Schoolyard Blues, Maria Eriksson-Hecht, SE

Best Screenplay - Wide Lens Section
Schoolyard Blues, Maria Eriksson-Hecht, SE

Best Cinematography - Wide Lens Section
Daughter, Mara Tamkovich, PL

Best Editing - Wide Lens Section
Rikishi, Julien Menanteau, FR

Best Film - Greek Scene Section
Hearts for Dinner, Renee Koutoula

Best Film - Student Angle Section
The Departure, Milan Bath, DE

Adience Award - Wide Lens Section
Kapitalistis, Pablo Munoz Gomez, FR

Adience Award - Greek Scene Section
The Ticket, Haris Stathopoulos

Adience Award - Student Angle Section
Old Goat, Georgiy Boldugerov, RU


5th Taratsa IFF
August 22-26

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