5th Taratsa International Film Festival - Thessaloniki 2018

Look up, stay up!

5th Taratsa IFF

22 to 26 August 2018

As always, Taratsa IFF will take place at late August, for five days, at selected terraces of Thessaloniki’s center. This year, Taratsa will bring cinema up at August 22 - 26 2018.

5th Taratsa Jury

As the number of submitted films increases, the need for a substantial and valid evaluation process is a mandatory. This is why we are setting up every year a special team which gives all the necessary attention to each submission, in order to form a high-level and balanced program for the Wide Lens section of the festival. This ensures the overall quality of the venue, and is a great tool for the Judging Committee’s task. Speaking of which, we ensure that every year the judges’ panel includes professionals from a wide spectrum of cinematic or cinema-related sectors, with high aesthetic criteria, objective point of view, and the ability to reflect the festival’s vision into the awarded films.

5th Taratsa IFF
August 22-26

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