The Festival

Taratsa is an independent international short film festival based in Thessaloniki, Greece, organized by the cultural non-profit civil partnership 360 Degrees. It began in August 2014, as part of “Thessaloniki European Youth Capital”. Its purpose is to create a framework for the promotion of independent short films from Greece and all over the world -by bringing the audience closer to the production and establishing a place and time for the substantial interaction and artistic expression between the creators- as well as to present films that are considered benchmarks in the history of cinema.


Reclaiming of the Greek potential for cinematography and its promotion both within and outside the country's borders The creation of a wide European platform where creators can meet, interact and exchange ideas on cinema culture The further development of this effort where Thessaloniki, a city bursting with artistic creativity, will be its point of reference Implementation of cinema-related side projects throughout the year Networking with other festivals from around the world, as part of an extroversive dialog with cinema at its center point

Program Outline

Wide Lens

The International Competition Section. Short fictional films by new creators from all around the world. Competing for the following awards:
• Best International Film • Audience • Best Director • Best Screenplay • Best Cinematography • Best Editing
The Best International Film and Audience awards include a cash prize.

Student Angle

The Student Competition Section. Short fictional films, made by film students from all around the world. Competing for Best Student Film Award, given by a special jury.

Greek Scene

The Greek Competition Section. Short fictional films, produced in Greece or/and by Greek filmmakers. Competing for Best Greek Film and a separate Audience Award.

Parallel Screenings Section

Out of Competition section. Feature films, short fictional, experimental, documentary or animated films from around the world.